Get Ready Amazon’s Nordic Launch – Free Two-Hour Workshop for Brands and Retailers

Amazon Sweden will be launched within weeks and time to act is now!

By Anssi Peltokangas | 7 August 2020
It will be the beginning of new reality for many businesses. The competitive environment, earnings and margins, market caps and stock prices, and even macro economy and legislation will be affected for good. Depending on the perspective Amazon’s arrival can either be an opportunity or a threat to Nordic businesses. But which one is it for your business? And why is it so? And what to do next? That’s where we offer our helping hand.
Commerce 8 is offering an exclusive and case-by-case tailored workshop for Nordic brands and retailers wanting to prepare for the changing business environment – free of charge.
In this workshop we will help you understand how your business is positioned towards Amazon and how Amazon’s Nordic launch could affect your business. We will create you an initial roadmap to future-proof your business and generate ideas for you to start enhancing your e-commerce operation immediately – whether it includes selling on Amazon or not.
The workshop is ideal for both brands and retailers and can be conducted fully remotely in Swedish, Finnish as well as in English. No strings attached, no spamming and no hassle – only straight-forward e-commerce advisory provided by the Commerce 8 team.
If you are interested, contact us and briefly describe your business and where you are at the moment and we will take it from there.
The workshop is available only for a limited time and for a limited number of cases – act fast!
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