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By Tea Riihilahti | 28 May 2021

Whether you’re a brand owner or retailer, Amazon should be part of your

We know that the customer decision journey is not linear anymore, rather it is
interconnected across stages and each journey can be different. Journeys are
nowadays made up of multi-touch points and across devices. Your customers
jump across channels and expect your products to be there when they search for
them – everywhere.

Therefore it is vital to have an omni-channel strategy to maximize your brand’s
exposure and continued visibility. And Amazon should be a strong part of the
mix, with its massive scale and penetration – Jeff Bezos reported 200 million
Prime members globally in his annual letter to shareholders published April 15

Having and optimizing your Amazon brand presence is one of the business
success factors to ensure your existing customers find you and that new
customers discover you. Your product detail page, brand store, ratings and
reviews are some of the most important brand assets you can have. You might
be missing out on immediate conversions and future long-term business, if
you’re not maintaining your Amazon real estate or having one in the first place.
This is why we are offering to provide you a pulse check on how well you are
maximizing the Amazon opportunity and what you can do better by conducting a
free audit on your behalf.

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