Amazon is one step closer to Sweden, Finland and other Nordic countries

By Toni Kallio | 5 March 2020

Rumours about Amazon launching in Nordic has arisen again. According to Dagens Industri, Amazon is currently looking for several Swedish-speaking employees to join them and work with regulatory compliance in the company’s office in Poland. Responsibilities of those employees will be ensuring that products sold on the Amazon platform comply with Swedish laws and regulations. According to the article, Amazon is also searching for a Swedish-speaking lawyer, who will be located in Luxembourg. Dagens Industri’s article also assumes that Amazon will most likely operate from their fulfillment centers in Germany in the first phase before moving the stock to Sweden.

At Commerce 8 we have been investigating Amazon’s moves quite attentively. Therefore, we have confidence to validate the assumptions and also amend them a bit. First of all, recruitments of compliance people and lawyers are fact, but are just the part of the truth. Alongside the above-mentioned, Amazon has been looking for Swedish-speaking people to fulfill many other open positions in London, Munich, Gdansk, Bratislava, Luxembourg and all over the Europe. At the moment it is searching for e.g. Swedish speakers to jobs like Performance Marketing Manager, Swedish Translation Specialist, Content Developers, Fraud Investigation Agent etc.

Considering the features of these open positions, do we really construct a correct hypothesis when assuming that will be translated into Swedish and products delivered to Nordic from Germany? Or could it be something else from the day one?

There are plenty of signs pointing out that Amazon will be launched in the Nordics soon and certain further pieces of information are revealing interesting details regarding the launch.

We will update the news soon. Stay tuned!

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