Amazon is coming to the Nordics in September, says Kauppalehti

By Toni Kallio | 9 March 2020

Amazon is coming to the Nordics in September, states Kauppalehti, the leading financial newspaper in Finland.

The launch is expected to be announced in April and website will be open in Q3. In the article Chief Economist of Finnish Commerce Federation, Jaana Kurjenoja is positive towards the news: “There has been rumours for a while, but for the first time also we believe the website will really open this year”.

According to the article, Amazon is going to use its new fulfilment center in Borgstedt, Germany, which will serve all the Nordic countries. The fulfilment center is located only 50 kilometres from Danish border and would therefore be extremely suitable for handling the logistics operation in the Nordics. At Commerce 8 we believe that a local fulfilment center in Sweden will be opened shorty after the website launch and the Finnish one will follow later on.

We share the view that Nordic retailers have to analyse the overlap of their and Amazon’s product selection and compare the pricing. In many cases there will be a lot of overlap and cheaper prices on Amazon and this will force many Nordic companies to adjust their business strategy. Obviously Amazon should not be seen as a threat but as a way to boost the business.

September is soon for sure, but Nordic brands have enough time to make preparations and get ready for making the most out of Amazon here in the Nordics. We are happy to help you – please contact us and let’s take the discussion further.

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